Stage Designs

Tell it On the Mountain

Jeff and Janine Dueck from Grace Community Church in Washingtonville, NY brings us this mountainy stage design.

They wanted to create a set that contained depth, a painterly feel, and incandescent ambiance. To achieve the appearance of depth, the creative team painted an Expressionist style mural on the backdrop (wood flats). First, their team used rollers to evenly apply the main background color (a deep, cobalt blue in matte finish). Next, using brushes and matte black paint, they incorporated rows of hills to create a foreground, middle ground and background, being sure to include highlights, mid tones and shadowed areas (with colors of gray, teal, navy and black) to give the painting more dimensional form. To complete the mural, they added matte shimmering gold paint touches to the hills using a plastic bag to add more of a visual texture.

Once the mural was complete, they added four Hektar floor lamps and twelve Hektar clamp lights (IKEA) and dispersed them evenly around the stage. Above each muraled panels they used Ultrabars for LED light wash and motion and then hung 5 vintage style Edison bulbs on lightbulb cords to create the ambient look. The Ultrabars positioned from above helped give the mural an Aurora Borealis look and feel… perfect for the winter season.










Pallet Beauty Segmented Projection

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