Christmas Designs


Jeremy Framstad from Grace Community Church in Fremont, Ohio brings us this flowing Christmas design.

Jeremy saw a similar stage done at Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma and wanted to give it a shot.

They used this idea for their Christmas services. They bought Black, White, and Grey sheer rolls from Koyal Wholesale. They were hung off of a drop ceiling grid at different intervals. They attached them with staples and then let the roll drop. They cut each drop using a 10′ ladder so they would all be the same length. They were able to reuse the LEDs from a previous design that they had done called Open Geometry.

Each RGB LED strip was individually addressed using DMX decoders so they had some great functionality to do some chases and lighting effects. Because they already had the LED gear, they only spent about $300 on this set.

30 x Sheer Organza Roll – White (403778)
30 x Sheer Organza Roll – Silver Gray (403791)
15 x Sheer Organza Roll – Black (403793)

Christmas 2015-2 Christmas 2015 IMG_0193 copy IMG_0216 copy IMG_0217 copy IMG_0223 copy

X Out Screens and Floods

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