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Texture Down

Nathan Hall from First Christian Church of Union in Union, Missouri brings us this lovely use of aluminum screening.

They used a total of 66 feet of aluminum screen mesh which they crumpled up and attached to the wall with a staple gun. (Make sure to get the bright screen mesh, not black or charcoal, as darker colors soak up the light instead of reflecting it.) In between the mesh columns, they had aluminum truss columns.

At the base of the black wall they had some 2×2 boards painted black with one LED strip zip tied in place on each side. Each of the mesh columns were lit by an American DJ Dotz par. The Dotz par lights are nice because you can have a wide beam spread of 60 degrees or a 25 degree beam like they’re using here.

The Aluminum mesh came in a 100ft x 3ft role and cost around $75 on Amazon.
The ADJ Dotz par lights were around $150 each.
The 2 LED RGB strips: $54







Volcanic Woven Sails

4 responses to “Texture Down”

  1. Benjamin says:

    How tall are you’re ceilings?

  2. Vincent says:

    We did this at our church! Thanks so much for sharing. Where did you purchase your lights?

  3. Simon Adjei says:

    Pls what type of cloth is used and will bridal sertin be fine?

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