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Camron Ware created this awesome stage design for the 2010 Planet Wisdom conferences. To create the long grunge columns, he found a very inexpensive solution using Weed Block and semi-gloss white paint from Home Depot. He used 7 rolls of Weed Block (3’x36′ each) for $13/roll. On a large lawn in the back lot, he unrolled them, then using large brooms applied the paint. After drying he grommeted them and hung them from the trusses.

Each strip of Weed Block was lit from the top and bottom with LED fixtures.

The design also included 6 free-standing truss towers which were covered with Twin-sized bedsheets from Walmart…and spray painted with flat black paint laid on with a large broom.

Finally, for the three screens he used three 2000 lumen Hitachi CP-A52/100 that allowed him to project onto a 7.5′ x 10′ screen from only 3 feet away! Using his MacBookPro, ProVideoPlayer, and TripleHead2Go he was able to rear-project some great worship visuals on the screens without having to hang projectors everywhere.

Check out Camron Ware’s blog post for more pictures and more details on the conceptualization.

The Red, White, and Blues Red Waterfalls

8 responses to “Texturesized”

  1. Sheree says:

    Very Cool! I love it when you can take the most unexpected and give life to it. Thanks and keep those creative ideas flowing.

  2. Brandon says:

    Hey, I am trying this very design right now. Can you fill me in on Grommeting them?

  3. Camron Ware says:

    Brandon –

    They have grommetting tools…I borrowed one from my church's print department.

  4. Jason Miller says:

    What was used to lift the trussing with the intelligent lights at the front of the stage?

  5. Camron Ware says:

    @Jason – Standard ground support crank lift

  6. Decn Sherman Smith says:

    great background lightin,like to try this for a Concert stage setup at my Local church….

  7. Courtney says:

    How well does this weed blocker fabric wrinkle? I have a big roll of this stuff behind my shed and I’d like to do a combination of this and the metal screen mesh. :)

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