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Throwback: The Amazing Spiderstage

Jon Morris from Harvest Time in Fort Smith, Arkansas brings us this amazing spiderstage in all its tangled goodness. (Originally posted June 2011)

They purchased some pre-manufactured rope webs from Brian Bruderer (the_spiderwebman@yahoo.com). They come in 50′, 33′, and 20′ and even smaller. They used 2 sticks of 14′ truss and 2 sticks of 10′ truss to support the webs.

They created the giant spider to the right of the pastor from PVC pipe, 90 and 45 degree joints, black fabric, spray paint, a few pillows and 2 red mailbox reflectors. They did this “Entangled” series during Halloween when there are tons of fake spiderwebs available, so they used the smaller stuff in they foyers and on the outsides of the stage.

The extra stage goodies they used for this set were the towers and panels. They were created from 2×4 frames wrapped with Rose Brand stretch fabric stapled to the back of the frames. The towers were 20′, 24′, and 16′ tall gridded with other 2×4’s to break of the columns. Each column section had an American DJ LED Megabar on top and bottom and the grids just had one bar on the floor.

The frames in the back of the stage were 2×4 frames. They built each side of the panel separately and fastened them together in the middle by door hinges for folding and transportation. The gaps between the sections were 4′ and they stood 16′, 20′ and 24′ tall. They fastened them to the stage from the back side with angle bracing for support.

The grids were 2×2 just screwed together in a back and forth framing fashion.

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