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Throwback: The Building Blocks for Success

Another sweet set from Benjamin James Hunt, the Lighting and Scenic Director from Browns Bridge Community Church in Cumming, Georgia.

Reminds me a bit of a stage I might have created with Legos…my favorite childhood toy.

Using left over 2x4x6 foam blocks, they carved forms and layered the blocks on top of each other to for a sort of massive wave design. The wave was lit from the sides with Mac 250 washes with wide lenses.

The other main element was all of the truss work. They used 8 bits of 12″ box truss on stage, each with a coemar parlite inside for warming. They used Coroplast, scored it on one side every foot and bent it around the truss.

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3 responses to “Throwback: The Building Blocks for Success”

  1. Carol says:

    Do you know if foam blocks are fire coded

  2. Nse U, says:

    This is cool and looks easy,where did u get the foam blacks from

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