Stage Designs

The Cross in Panes

James Wright from New Hope Christian Church in Washington, Indiana brings us this design made from window panes.

The total cost was about $50 for chains and hooks. All of the windows and doors were donated and a fresh coat of paint was added to the windows for the cross. The cross was connected with small eye hooks and hooks that were screwed into each window and attached together. The cross, windows, and doors were all attached to the ceiling joist with hooks and then hung from chains that are attached to hooks in the top of each door and window set. Everything was attached using a drill, for the ceiling as well as the windows and doors. A drill, tape measure (to measure the distance of the hooks), and a pencil were the only tools needed.

Broken Windows and Doors

Completed Cross No Lights

Completed Cross with Lights

Full Stage Cross:Doors

Windows 2


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