Christmas Designs

The Gift of Glow

Dave from Abbeyfield Community Church in Colchester, UK brings us this glowing present.

For Christmas, their theme was ‘The Gift’. They constructed a veiled chandelier which they suspended through two hoops to create a draped effect. Then they externally lit this with some par cans. They used this chandelier to project onto which gave them a really nice layered effect.

They also constructed a large gift box and covered it in translucent material and internally lit it with some rope lights they had left over from a previous installation. Then they used their Environmental projection system to tie the whole theme together.









3D Pyramids LED Glow Sticks

2 responses to “The Gift of Glow”

  1. Chris Nicholson says:

    Hey any chance you could speak to your experience with delving into environmental projection? Who helped you purchase the equipment, how did you do the installation, what was the cost, etc? Great design!

  2. Dave says:

    We’ve been using environmental projection for three years now we have three projectors left, right and middle which are each run from their own laptop. We already had the central projector so purchased the extra two they are pretty low spec and came in at about £300 each. We installed them ourselves, we didn’t worry about getting it perfect as we fixed any overlapping when we set up the image masking. They have worked well because the rest of the Church is pretty dark we have par cans over the congregation which we use to increase lighting when reading from the Bible etc, when people need more light. But keeping it dark really makes the projection pop. The two side projectors are mounted on the back wall and positioned so as not to have shadow cast when people are at the front of the Church and moving around. It took a while to get the masking right but with some hours spent in photoshop and fireworks once we had the template sorted its pretty easy to do new designs. We do new graphics for environmental projection most weeks. Its been a real addition to our visual worship and has been a fantastic tool to engage people in worrship. If you have any more questions or want more details drop me an email

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