Kids/Youth Designs

The Hard Streets

Ryan Mouser from Calvary Baptist‘s Wired Student Ministry in Russellville, Alabama brings us these pallets and street signs.

The stage design cost less than $30 to construct. They took eight pallets and suspended them from metal conduit that runs across the backside of their stage. They bought some heavy duty rope that cost $8.99 and tied the bottom of one pallet to the top part of the other one. They then projected the words: Jesus Only Jesus from a spare projector and painted them in white premium gloss paint ($10.99).

They legally borrowed the “One Way” “Stop” “Detour” signs to complete stage design.

They lit the set with one Mega Bar on each side of the cross at the bottom of the pallets. They have Opti Tri Pars in the trusses and four other mega bars washing the entire stage for an added effect. Behind the cross was simple soft lighting purchased at WalMart for $9.99.

Bubble Wrap Streams Mason Jar Advent Calendar

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