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The Light Between

Ben Wysong from Harbor Covenant Church North Campus in Gig Harbor, WA brings us this cool design with depth.

From Ben: Harbor Covenant Church North Campus is a multi-site that meets in a middle school. We are set up/tear-down every week. We really wanted to make a stage that was really portable but still had an appealing look that created an atmosphere for worship.

One of the volunteers who helps with being a musician on the worship team, audio/tech, and lighting had some spare/weathered wood that he thought could be used for creating a set. I really had liked the idea of creating something with arrows, so we wanted to put wood and arrows together, and that’s how we came up with this set!

Every other slat is a piece of weathered wood, and then a new piece (this is what gives it a different color every other slat). We stained the frame a grey to make it look more weathered, and pointed the slats opposites on each side so it would give an effect of arrows pointing up when meeting in the middle.

The stands were designed to be removable. Each frame sits inside the groove created in the “foot” and is able to stand by one side holding the frame up with a nut and bolt. This gives us the ability to tear it down and store it in our trailers flat, and not taking up a lot of space that we need!

A more white burlap-like material was attached to the back of each panel, the reason we did this was so they could light better and more effectively rather then just trying to light it with negative space. The family that helped put it together had an idea of hitting it with spray foam and crinkling it so when the light hit, it would create more texture, and it turned out really good!

Piped Up Six Diamonds

3 responses to “The Light Between”

  1. Dayna says:

    Do you have pictures it’s the white backing on it?

    • Kyle says:

      Dayna, it’s off white fabric with metal buttons that snap on to the wood frame along the top and sides. Ground lights set behind add beautiful effect.

  2. Neto says:

    What was your budget for this and how much did you end up spending?

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