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Throwback: The Red Line

Chad Ellenburg at Pleasant Valley Church in Winona, MN brings us this cool Christmas design from 2011.

The red fabric represents the Gospel, the Scarlet cord stretched through eternity to save us in the winter of our our own souls – one 10 yard piece of crushed red silk.

The back wall is one piece of bleached muslin. They projected onto it from the front about 40 ft. away (just above the heads of the musicians).

The trees were made of rabbit-proof fence wiring from their local Menards (Home Depot or Lowes). They covered them with white sheets and painted the details. They used rebar tie-wire to suspend the trees and branches from their grid. Then they added in some real branches to sell it.

The painted the stage walls and roof black to make all the elements pop out.

Promo Video:

Most Shared Christmas Stage Designs Two books for the price of one.

28 responses to “Throwback: The Red Line”

  1. Wow, that is completely fantastic!!! I love your method for creating the trees. How did you anchor the real branches to the wire tree trunks?

  2. Chad Ellenburg says:

    Thanks! We used the rebar tie wire to hang the branches from the grid. Once they were in the right position, we just cut holes into the trunks for them to barely slide into. So, the real weight is held from the grid and not the trunks.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    how much was this whole set design??

  4. Connie Lossing says:

    Where did you purchase the large sheet of bleached muslin, or is it many stips sewn together?

  5. Chad Ellenburg says:

    Sorry… Haven’t been here in a while. Total cost was approx. $400. The red fabric and the muslin Accounted for half of that. We bought both from Yes,, it was one large piece. The background video started with a photo from Flickr. After a lot of photoshop work, I put it into After Effects and added the snow.

  6. Haley Johnson says:

    Can we use this video?

  7. Haley Johnson says:

    GREAT! Thank you! We are so excited to take your vision and run with it!

    • Sheri says:

      Chad, thanks for the series link– we’re able to download. The snow loop video still needs the download enabled on Vimeo. Hate to be a pest, but after that we should be good :)

  8. Chad Ellenburg says:

    Ok… they all should be working now.

  9. Stew says:

    Is there any chance you have the video available without the text?

  10. Rebekah Stupakewicz says:

    Would like to get the promo video with no words if it is available. Please let me know ASAP.
    Rebekah Stupakewicz
    New Life Church

  11. This is amazing! Thank you for letting the Lord use you!

  12. This is amazing! Thank you for letting the Lord use you in such a powerful way!

  13. Thanks for sharing the promo video!

  14. Glendale Matias says:

    Stunning-elegant, really nice!

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