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The Road

Chad Ellenburg from Pleasant Valley Church in Winona, MN brings us this design that’s less like a stage design, more like a movie set.

Their series was called “The Road”. They wanted to put people on the road to Emmaus, where Jesus pursued two disciples who were running away from Jerusalem.

As they’ve progressed in their stage design, their designs seem to be inching out further into the audience. They want them to be a part of it. So, they built a road that literally spilled out into the first few rows of seats. The back two sections of road were move-able so they could get their gear on and off.

The hillsides and ground were 2 x 4 framing with a screen mesh stapled over the top. Chad saw a couple of designs on CSDI of porch screening being used, so they pushed it a bit further. They attached the screening, then covered the whole area in plastic (to protect from overspray). Then they used a texture sprayer and sprayed it (including the road) with textured joint compound. Once it dried, they used generic paint sprayers to base coat the entire thing. Then they came back with other colors and dried grass to add detail, etc. They used forced perspective to give a sense of depth and scale.

The tree technique was a repeat of one of their previous designs. They suspended the branches from the rigging with rebar tie wire. Then they built a 2×4 base. They used moldable fabric from Rosebrand (the most expensive part of their design – but it’s reusable). It comes with a bark colored base, to which they added shadows. They molded this around the base and up into their branches.







Squares and Screens Band in a Box

7 responses to “The Road”

  1. Kevin says:

    That is really cool.

  2. Steve Bonesz says:

    Wow! Fantastic! Not only very real looking, but very pretty too. This stage/set design looks like it took a lot of work, but I’ll bet the end result was worth it to them. I’d love to see it in person!

  3. This is awesome! Do you have a wide angle or full stage shot?

  4. kristine luv corona says:


  5. How much fabric did it take to make that tree?

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