Christmas Designs

The Wonder of Christmas

Sean King from Bethany Christian Assembly in Everett, WA brings us this awesome Christmas design.

From Sean: We took inspiration from the idea of not just how wonderfull (spelling intended) the love of God is for us, but how full of wonder the Christmas season is. When you stop to think about all the miracles of Jesus’ birth and the amazing stories that surround it, you can’t help but be filled with wonder.

We’ve used plastic globes to accent an elaborate series of lights in 3 dimensions to give a sense of depth. The background is our regular set, but with the addition of several thousand lights and about 30 dimmable channels, we are able to give movement and elegance to our rugged set design. Then, you throw in a refurbished antique piano decked in white and the audience is captivated by all that is going on.

While the concept is simple, if you’re dimming 30 separate channels, the real work is in the lighting infrastructure. We purchased 500′ of lamp cord 16/2 and 25 male/25 female cable ends and used it all. The globes were purchased at and were the bulk of our budget topping at just under $1000 but we went with some larger globes to fit the room. All in, the budget was around $1500 but the impact is stunning.

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