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They Call It Window Pain

Greg Campbell from Lakeshore Christian Church in Antioch, TN brings us these window panes with gaps in between.

They had some window frames left over when they remodeled an old retail space. They repurposed them as a stage design element. They spray painted the window frames light gray and added fluorescent lighting diffusers to some of the open frames. (Cut to size and in random intervals.) They used hot glue to attach the diffusers to the frames.

Then they suspended each frame from the lighting raceways with airline cable and lit them with LED cans.

Vary Square Overarching

6 responses to “They Call It Window Pain”

  1. Paul says:

    I go to church at Lakeshore and noticed these immediately. They are an excellent background and really make the stage look great.

  2. Quincy M. says:

    Nice look! Greg is a genius in the making!

  3. Great job Greg. Very creative!

  4. Michael Scherer says:

    Simple design that looks expensive! And it’s not heavy!


    I was wondering if their are specks or building instructions that you could send me for this design concept? Thank you!


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