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This Stage Rocks

Shane Tucker from LifePoint Church in Columbus, OH brings us this stage sign made from tiny rocks.

This is a series that LifePoint Church did called the “Life Series” with the “if” in life highlighted and the tagline of the artwork being “The big what if”. This was a three week series asking some of life’s bigger questions like what if I never get married, what if God could save my life, what if I could have my joy back…

As a stage feature, they developed a 7 x 7 stained particle board structure with vinyl stickers on it so that it would be rich in texture and make the graphics pop out. During the series, they passed out rocks to symbolize the baggage that we all carry around. The final week of the series they gave everyone a sharpie and invited to them to label their burden (rock) and leave it at the alter of the church during a prayer time. They kept the board up for the series without any rocks, and after the final week of the series, all of the LifePoint staff (from both campuses) was invited to build the rock structure with a bunch of gorilla glue.

The video below shows all of the staff praying over the rocks and burdens of the church. The video was released quietly over social media, never played at church, just as a way to tie off the series and show the church that they are prayed for and loved by the church staff. You can see a time lapse video of the board being created and the staff prayer time here.






Up Up Up! Crumpled Swag

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