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Three Part Harmony

Marcus Navarro from River of God in Tampa, FL brings us these three materials working together.

For their back wall, they drove around town picking up pallets (free). Taking them a part was a challenge. It took them approximately 16-17 pallets to complete this project. With seven 2×4’s ( $21 ) and box of nails and screws, they spent about $35.

Their speaker left and right were elevated on a pair of industrial heavy duty shipping crates. They created a frame for the front and used the pallet wood on the lower part about 30in high to match the rear wall and the top portion was window screen ( 36″ x 48″) 2 rolls, to create a rocky illusion. They used five 2x4s plus 2 rolls of silver screen that cost them a total of $25 for both.

The rear boxes with the dots was a wash, rinse, and reuse from a different project, so they didn’t pay anything for them. But if you want to get a pricing idea, they paid $40 for a pack of 200 1″ half Styrofoam balls and Marcus used a 4×8 insulation panel (about 5 bucks) and a frame box with 1×1 wood and wrapped it in pallet wood. All in all about $60 for both.

One week later and working as late till 4:30am, they created this set. With an original budget of $200, they came in at about $120-$140 for this project.










Pyramid Boxes Bus and Headlights

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