Stage Designs

Timber Lines

Shaun Dudley from Roadway Alliance in Gillette, WY brings us this clean looking pallet design.

From Shaun: This was a true labor of love for the team at Roadway Alliance Church. The church went on a mission for piles of pallets then spent an entire day stripping them while another team built the frames 2 x 3 ft to affix the wood to. Once all the pallets were assembled we installed mounting screws and eyelets to them then hung using aircraft cable and chain purchased at a Harbor Freight cut to length and painted. Then we hung all pallets on the back wall of the church and lit the scene using on-hand ADJ 50 RGBA and RGB lights. We hung existing Par 20 Cans for down lighting. I enclosed a picture of the stage with no set on it for comparison. Wow what a difference! Thanks to the many many volunteers that made this happen and to all the designers out there!

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