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Zac Darr from River of Life Church in Eastland, TX brings us this use of staggered bits of Coroplast.

They pattered this after Destroyed Angel Wings. The frames were 6×4, 8×4, and 4×3 on the walls. They used six sheets of Coroplast cut using a box cutter of varying widths and lengths. Then they stapled them to wood, free-standing frames blacked flat black. Getting the same angle was important across all six. They completed the set in six hours and for under $150.

They used their existing lighting with 6 Colorado Battens on the floor lighting each panel.







Traffic Light Blinders Hollywood Squares

9 responses to “Touchstone”

  1. Brian says:

    What are the 6 fixtures you are using for back lighting? What do you use for your front lights? Thanks.

  2. Zac Darr says:

    We have 6 Chauvet Colorado Tour 72″ on the floor shining on the design.
    And then 6 hanging Chauvet color washes. Not sure the model.

  3. Mike Lovelady says:

    Awesome job on the set!!! What size wood did you use for the frames? Where did you get the Coroplast, and what size sheets were they? Thanks!!!! Very inspiring!

  4. Zac Darr says:

    We used regular 2×4 for the frame painted flat black. We bought the coroplast at a local sign shop. The size was 4×8, like plywood.

  5. DeAndre says:

    What did you do to make sure the angle was right across all panels?

  6. Zac says:

    I just eye-balled it from the back of the room with another up close holding the slat going up and down until I said “Nail it”.

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