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Towers of Love

Mindy Nichols from Andalusia Full Gospel Tabernacle in Andalusia, AL brings us this loving stage design.

For their February series, Matters of the Heart, they went with hearts and ribbons.

They draped red tule from their Coroplast columns and used their stage lights to reflect red. Then they cut out black hearts from poster board and taped them on the Coroplast columns. In the middle they printed a big banner that said Matters of the Heart.

They had most of the material, so this project cost them about $25.






Wood Town Stagger Box

2 responses to “Towers of Love”

  1. Stacy says:

    Hi, question for you about the columns. Is the coroplast sturdy enough stand without or a base or did you make a base for each one? Just curious what you did for a base, if you used one. Thanks so much!

    • D Spivey says:

      They are sturdy enough. No base. They can fit over spot light if wanted. One piece of Coroplast bent 90 every 12 inches and taped with clear wide tape.

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