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TP the Neighbor’s Stage

Fox River Arts from Fox River Christian Church in Waukesha, WI brings us this flowing masterpiece.

They built the cross behind the band from foam core. Then they textured it with scratches to give it an authentic construction look. They used silver spray paint on the cross to give it an element that caught light. Behind the cross they layered navy blue and white fabric hung from their truss. They hung a clear beaded curtain across the whole truss to add a layered sparkle effect.

They continued the blue and white theme on the center stage by running 35 foot lengths of fabric from ceiling to floor. The lighting throw for the length of fabric required two LED cans–one at the floor and one halfway up on the lighting tree. To get the long lengths of fabric straight, they used 2×4’s at the bottom of the fabric and staples higher up on the hang.

In the alcove under the main screen, they used 8 foot string curtains from the ceiling of the alcove in the shape of a “V”. When lit, these string curtains gave the effect of a water column with a soft yet defined shape. Hanging them similar to a jet flight pattern gave the string columns depth to the stage plot.

Happily Ever Before and After Square Me Up

3 responses to “TP the Neighbor’s Stage”

  1. Lee Hendrix says:

    Nice looking set, sorry the AVL company did that to you though

  2. Tammy Hays says:

    First of all your stage is awesome! I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of material you used? The church that I go to we are wanting to fix up our stage, but not sure what would be the best material to use. So, if you dont mind could you email me back @ Thank you and God Bless You!

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