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Triangle Backing

Hans Terje Vestergaard and David Jacobsen from Keldan Church in Skálafirði, Faroe Islands brings us this stage they did for their first time.

From Hans: This design was made for our Easter series. We have never really had the courage to make something different on our stage, but we thought it was time to come up with a stage design that wasn’t too traditional. Especially the Led tape triangles were very untraditional, and our pastor wasn’t really that comfy about the design when i showed him the first drawings, but when he saw the new stage design he actually was surprised, and liked the design.

As we never had done anything like this before, we had a pretty low budget of around 300 dollars, but that was enough to what we needed. Each triangle cost about 60 dollars in Led tape/pvc trays/cables. I only used 1 decoder for all the triangles to get individual control of the triangles.

For lights in the triangles, i bought 5 rolls of 16 feet Led tape, and for the triangle itself i bought 15 pcs of 6 feet pvc cable trays, that would fit exactly to the size of the led tape. For control of the triangles i bought a DMX decoder together with a power supply.

in between every triangle i put a Robe Colorspot 250 AT, and on the ceiling i had 4 Robe Colorspots 575 AT together with 4 Martin Rush MH2. In the middle of the stage i put 5 Stairville 240/8 Led bars.

Equipment and Lighting:
4x Robe Colorspot 250 AT
4x Robe Colorspot 575 AT
4x martin Rush MH2
5x Stairville 240/8 Led Bar
5x Rolls of 5050 RGB Led tape

LED Tape:


Power Supply:

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One response to “Triangle Backing”

  1. Mark Manley says:

    Great look with such a low budget!

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