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Jeremy Courtright from Journey Church in Raleigh, NC brings us these awesome triangles reminding us all of a certain video game.

They took an old stage to the next level with LED tape light in the shape of triangles. They had bookshelf-like structures built with American DJ Micro Washes in them. They spent just under $600 due to having previous materials and new audio equipment that was part of upgrading that room.

LED Tape Lights:
LED Tape Light Channel:
DMX Decoder:

Throwback: Porch Light Blinders Throwback: Tut-tut, it Looks Like Rain

One response to “Triforce”

  1. Noah Isibor says:

    Jeremy your designs are truly stunning and wonderful works of art! I left a comment on your other design “Bouncing Blocks” but I have virtually the same question for this install. How long did this installation last you?

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