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Trusses Over Screens Stage Design

John Tabor (Zebra Productions) for The Rock Church in Castle Rock, Colorado brings us this great use of trusses and aluminum screening.

They put in standard mesh about a year ago and wanted to use it as the base for the design. Then they wanted to add the next layer with a simple truss and LEDs for lighting the ceiling. It added lots of depth and kept the look fresh and modern.





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5 responses to “Trusses Over Screens Stage Design”

  1. Gary Aanerud says:

    How did you go about keeping the aluminum screening in that crinkled shape. I’ve purchased a roll from Lowes, scrunched it up, but it doesn’t come out. Thanks!

  2. Ryan Sieh says:

    What brand/model of light did you use on the truss? Are those 6′ trusses? Thanks!

  3. Was the screen use on this wall stage brite aluminum or charcoal finish?

  4. Jack says:

    Did you buy the aluminum screening off of Amazon?

    Or did you go to Lowe’s?

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