Christmas Designs

Tube Ceiling

Robby Schlegel from Discovery Church in Orlando, FL brings us this white stage.

This set came together from quite a few different sources of inspiration. For years, Robby has wanted to do something with white mailing tubes and their Christmas theme fit the bill. Their “White Christmas” theming was less about fluffy snow, and more about our slate being wiped clean by Christ’s arrival, death and resurrection.

They wanted the stage to feel like a large white room, while still looking great on video (plenty of texture, backlighting, etc). They made six 8ft x 4ft “flats” with painted black trim-board frames and screwed the mailing tubes to them for the “ceiling”. For the back drop, they utilized 6 Chauvet MotionOrbs being driven by a Elation Enode artnet device connected to their lighting console.

Having a laminate wood stage, they were able to use Rosco’s GAMFloor Gloss Bright White vinyl to make their entire stage white for the month of December without ruining the floor. This was the longest part of the install taking a team of 4 people 16 hours to complete. (It’s worth noting that it only took 1 person 2 hours to remove.)

This set cost approximately $3,800 dollars for all 3 campuses. The two biggest expenses were the white vinyl floor and the motion orbs (which they will use again for future stage sets). Everything else was covered within their incidental staging budget. Staffing hours, not including design time, was approximately 150 man hours over the course of 4 work days.

They mimicked this set at their 2 satellite campuses. Each campus received 4 Motion Orb fixture sets and various white soft goods (truss sleeves and spandex shapes) to help bring the “White Christmas” look together.

Christmas Set 2015_2.0





Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.54.39 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 4.00.22 PM

Multi Point Light Notes and Lines

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