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Turkey Tails

Tim Jarrett from The Summit Church in Lee’s Summit, MO brings us these three structures that look like turkey tails. (Heads up next Thanksgiving!)

They used some of the other “bloom” style ideas that they’d seen online—particularly the one done by New Vintage Church in California, and made these 3 fan-style blooms behind their backline risers. They used black, white, and gray Coroplast cut into various shapes. They mounted the main pieces with a staple gun and connected the rest with 3M double-sided tape. The blooms were lit with LED bars. They also added Coroplast and round LED’s under the risers in order to give the stage a uniform look.



Icicle Ceiling Trapezoids

One response to “Turkey Tails”

  1. Chris Nicholson says:

    Just came to say big ups for the throwback Matt Redman song. One of my favorites back in the day.

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