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Twiggy Decor

Katie Kregel from Trinity Church in Lansing, MI brings us these bits of trees mixed with Christmas elements.

Because they owned the majority of the materials from previous designs and cut trees down behind the church, the only expense was the additional Christmas lights needed to hang over the congregation. The total cost was around $1,000.


  • Trees from their property
  • Plywood
  • PVC Pipe
  • Steel Brackets
  • Pea Stone Concrete
  • Large Bulb Christmas lights (50 foot strings (8) and 25 foot strings (6)) Brought the lights from
  • White Fabric
  • Fake Snow

They cut the plywood to the lengths that they needed and spread them across the back walls of their stage. Then they randomly placed varying sizes of the PVC pipe on the plywood and attached them with the brackets. (The PVC pipe was cut 6-8 inches for the small pipe and 14-18 inches for the large pipe.) For the larger PVC pipes they placed the tree in and then poured pea stone concrete to re-enforce the tree. With the smaller PVC pipes they were able to place the tree in with no extra re-enforcement.

They finished the trees with white fabric draped along the bottom and fake snow.

They also hung the same large bulb Christmas lights on the trees as they did over the congregation. On Christmas Eve, they hung ornaments on the trees that the congregation had written on.

They made the pulpit out of wood and then tied branches around the center post to make it appear like a tree itself.





Textured Weave White on White

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