Christmas Designs

Twinkle Pallet Trees

Pam Johnson from Lake City Community Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho brings us these fun Christmas trees.

Pam was inspired by Reclaimed Christmas Stage. They constructed 7 trees (14′,12′,10′, 8′) out of cedar fencing to look like deconstructed pallets. They had a brace up the back, and sat on triangular bases. They used sandbags as weights on their bases to keep them from falling forward. They melted tiny holes at the top of clear plastic cups and inserted “S” hooks made from 18 guage wire. Pam ordered 144 battery operated tea lights from and placed one in each cup and hung them randomly on each tree. They gave off a sweet, twinkling effect that really mimicked candle light.

The most challenging/time consuming step of this design was turning on 144 tea lights and then turning them all off.

Cost: $300.

Pallet Trees



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