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Twisty Trees

Carl Everett from Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK brings us this simple look.

This year they wanted to go with a very minimalist back drop for Christmas services, and wanted to do so without breaking the bank. The original intention was to make the three trees out of ribbon, however ribbon is a little pricy. They decided to go with party streamers for the tree material. The entire set of three trees took: two rolls of party streamers, and some painters tape to make; and cost less than $10 total, in materials, to make.

The big tree was flown off of a single safety with the party streamers clipped into the carabiner portion of the safety. They started with the center of the tree, and had a 12’ gap between the two sides, on the floor , and then they continued with a 12’ gap between each streamer, on the floor. Each streamer was rotated 14 times to give volume to the flat streamer, and then taped to the floor with painters tape. When finished, the tree ended up being about 18’ high by 12’ wide.

The little trees were easy to construct as well. They placed a black mic stand in the center of the tree with a mic clip on it; and started from there. The little trees had about 8” of separation between each streamer on the floor, and they were secured to the floor with painters tape as well. On the smaller trees it would be recommended to go ahead and gaff tape, or sand bag, the legs of the mic stand to the floor, to keep the stand from sliding around.

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2 responses to “Twisty Trees”

  1. Amy Okeson says:

    How were the trees lit, what type of lights did you use?

    • Carl Everett says:


      I used a Chauvet Slim Par64 with diffusion on the sides trees; and in the middle I used a regular LED Chauvet Par64 with some diffusion on it as well.

      The trees were all front light from lights on the ground.

      I believe the diffusion used was R118.


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