Stage Designs

Two Sources

Aaron Arkkelin from Suncrest Church in St. John, IN brings us these awesome panels with LED lighting AND projection on them.

They set out to design something that would last them a few months. It had to be generic enough, yet visually striking so it wouldn’t start to feel too stagnant after a month. The frames were made from 2×4 painted black with Coroplast on the back. Their design used 2’x8’ and 4’x8’ frames. The insides were lined with RGB LED tape and each frame had about a 1.5” lip that was just plywood cut into strips and also painted black. They hung the frames using galvanized cable from their rafters above. They laid it all out on the computer ahead of time and made it to scale so they could know exactly how far to space everything as they hung them.

They wanted dimension to it, so there are three levels of frames, spaced about 6” apart from each other. Any frames that could be attached to each other were so as to avoid having to run cable for each frame. They ran all the cable up and over their back wall and hooked them into a custom-built box with the DMX decoders and power supplies. Each frame was on its own DMX channel for ultimate flexibility in light programming. They also projected on the frames using projector mapping/masking through ProPresenter.

All in all, the project took about 4 days to build, hang, and wire. And it cost them about $1000.

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