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Unidentified Flying Tent

Nathan, Ethan, Jay, and Dave from Brookville Road Community Church in New Palestine, IN brings us this gigantic canopy on their stage.

From the team: For Easter this year we wanted to create a canopy that lowered the height of our stage. We were able to move our center projection screen to the stage level and use the canopy to act as a ceiling to the stage. We added to wide/short projection screen to the side to display lyrics, and we used LED Tape as a backdrop next to the center screen.

For creating the canopy we used PVC Pipe to create the frame for it and then filled it in with white sheer fabric that we already had.(zip-ties were used to secure). We used 4 10′ sections of PVC(2 for each arm) and then had a 45 and 90 degree angle to adjust for the angle that we needed. These were then glued together in place and then raised to place with a boom lift. We suspended the PVC using aircraft cable and beam clamps from the buildings support beams(We had 3 suspension points). We also fastened the pvc to the wall using 1×4 wood tied into the studs and pipe strap around the PVC.

The side screens were made by making frames to size (10′ wide x 3′ high) out of wood (L-shape for rigidity). We were then able to use rear projection material from an old screen and wrap it over the frame and secure it like you would a window screen. Grooves were cut for the beading to push in and hold the material. The screens were hung from 2x4s secured to the wall. We rear projected using Optoma Short Throw projectors sitting on a shelf the we made out of 2x4s and plywood.

The LED tape back drop was made using Supernight LED Tape in a pattern of 6′ and 3′ sticks stapled to a frame. The LED tape itself was put onto Luan strips to keep them straight. They were wired into a DMX decoder into different zones.

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