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A Stage Redone

Jeff Watkins from Without Walls Christian Center in Chandler, Arizona brings us their big stage remodel.

They started by painting their green back wall flat black. Then they added some tendo stretch fabric to the design. (They bought 8yds x 10ft from Rose Brand for less than $100.)

To add some mountings for light their stacked 4 10′ sticks of truss purchased from (they also bought all their DMX cables and LED’s from there).

They lit each truss with a Par38 RGB LED fixture. Then they lit the fabric with Par64 RGB LED’s. The site and the center of the stage were lit with Altman 750 watt stationary spots with gobos installed. They have 5 Mac 250 Entours on the top trusses (purchased used from a company called 4Wall in Las Vegas–at half off).

They lit the back wall with 4 Altman LED fixtures and the drum cage with 2 RGB LED cans.

Grand total was $10,000 over 4 months.

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4 responses to “A Stage Redone”

  1. Garrett says:

    Would love some larger photos

  2. emor says:

    Are there any “Before” pics?

  3. Jeff says:

    Hey guys if u email me at I can send u better pix and before pix over the weekend. Please be specific in your email so I don’t delete.

  4. Jeff Poole says:

    I used to work there…before WOW took over. Nice to see the building still in action.

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