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Up Down Gaps

Seth Rollins from Evangel Community Church in Snellville, GA brings us this fence post chevron look.

They repurposed some old fence panels and cut them in a modified chevron pattern. They built three 12 foot support panels to mount the wood to and painted them black. A member of their church owns a metal fabrication company and he built stands out of 1 inch square tubing for the blinders. The blinders were Bayco work lights that were clamped on and then zip tied. They used dimmable LED edison type bulbs to save on energy costs. They connected all the blinders to an ADJ DMX dimmer pack.

They purchased 3 Blizzard Lighting Hotstik 5 COB lights that will be used in a full remodel they are doing next February. They also upgraded their lighting board to a Martin M-Touch which will also be used in the remodel. They also painted the back wall black.

The cost of the blinders, light bulbs, dimmer pack lumber for frames, and miscellaneous cables, came in under $1000.

The cost of the Martin M-Touch, Software, Blizzard Lights, and Painting the Back Wall was around $3500, but those items will be applied to the future remodel.

2016-03-20_165801996_FAD75_iOS 2016-03-20_165804897_8B897_iOS 2016-03-20_170939885_2A2B7_iOS 2016-03-20_190336888_7ADE5_iOS 2016-03-21_135416068_3C09B_iOS 2016-03-21_153334465_3719E_iOS 2016-03-22_213755442_C4D0C_iOS 2016-03-23_195533134_7B76A_iOS 2016-03-23_230250040_26418_iOS 2016-03-24_154611597_F3B7F_iOS Image-1 Image-2 Image-3 Image

Upped Translucent Stands

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  1. Bone says:

    How did you build the light stand for the clamp lights?

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