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Troy Jansen from CityLife Church in Wantira South, Australia brings us this cool Christmas design that could work for any season.

X4 “Vs” made up of 9MM LED screens, all run via QLAB (5 machines) Clay Pak K10’s, Martin Mac 250 Entours, Robe 575 spots and wash, Robe 600. GrandMA 2.

It could also be accomplished with some clever projection if you wanted to try it without the LED screens.

Painted Angles Cross and Fabric

7 responses to “V Screens”

  1. Mark Manley says:

    really creative and inspiring!! I’m doing my first QLab project now and i’m curious how you used 5 QLab machines – I have 3+ projectors for my project and i’m wondering if more than one QLab machine would help me.
    Again – so creative – thanks for sharing!

    • Troy Jansen says:


      So here’s how we did it.
      1 – Master Control (vision and music
      2 – LED screens content
      3 – Side Screens
      4 – Timecode video
      5 – Stage TV content.

      Was a big job to get it working and took months to program the run down. We set up our own secure network and run it via MIDI.

  2. Leigh says:

    Hi Troy, Great looking setup! You guys did a fantastic job and looks like your efforts payed off. I was wondering where you got those 9mm LED screens? did you rent or buy for this install? Thanks

  3. Troy Jansen says:

    Hi mate we hired them from WooHah Productions in Melbourne.

  4. Brandon Tan says:

    Hi Troy,

    I really love watching TimeCode on the lighting desk :)

    I also heard of this awesome lighting control system called Clarity, you should check it out :) :)

    love your work bro

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