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Vision Map: A Resource for Starting Something

Loads of people who read CSDI have big dreams to do other things with their life. They might want to write a book, start a church, or launch an organization. I wanted to make you aware of a book my brother wrote that’ll help you make it a reality. It’s called Vision Map. (It’s $9.59 in paperback, or $7.55 for Kindle.)

It helps you launch a dream that seems too big to handle. It gives you practical steps to take your vision and map it out step by step—letting you see what you need to do and what God needs to do. Plus, it’s such a great read you can probably finish it in one sitting. (I did.)

You’ll read the story of how Joël started Summit Leaders as he breaks it down step by step.

Check it out and grab a copy. While you’re there, be sure to grab Created for More and Unwelcome too.

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