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Wacky Zipper Stage

Tom Ohmit from RiverLakes Community Church in Bakersfield, CA brings us these interlocking pieces for their stage design.

They used existing structural components to design this new stage by painting, adding large-filament vintage edison drop lights and a randomized grid of rectangular panels.

The rectangular panels were cut to maintain a 2″ gap between each panel. They were made of 1/8″ plywood, painted with 3 different shades of grey, and then front lit with COLORado 1 LED par lights. This created the layered effect over the existing Coroplast backdrop, which was backlit with the same fixtures. The drop lights were hand made with plain black sockets and black cabling that goes up to the ceiling that changes to white cabling where it meets the ceiling. They did this to blend the cabling in with the white ceiling.

The angled side walls were also painted, alternating each panel with grey and black, and then the series logo was painted on top. The new wood panelling cost about $150. The paint also cost around $150. The materials for the drop lights cost about $450. 80% of the labor was done by their volunteer stage team.

2013-11-10 08.10.21

2013-11-10 08.10.52

2013-11-10 08.11.42

2013-11-10 08.12.06

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One response to “Wacky Zipper Stage”

  1. Steven Hall says:


    This is absolutely outstanding. It create awesome texture! You should be proud and grateful for the amazing skills, ability, and vision you and your team have shown through this set. My hat is off to you! Great job!


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