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Waka Waka

Want to chime in your opinion on a stage design in progress? Jeff Abbott, the production director at Christ Church in Hickory, North Carolina, is putting together a set design for an African themed series at the church. The plan is a construction consisting of real or faux bamboo, wood, woven bamboo material, crates, and props. The purpose is to challenge their congregation to give money to build wells in Ghana, Africa.

So chime in on the pics. What do you think? Got any tips or techniques that might help him out? Comment below and show some love.

(In case you don’t get why I titled this post “Waka Waka”…listen to Shakira’s World Cup song. It’s in no way connected with Fozzi Bears.)

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3 responses to “Waka Waka”

  1. jthtiger says:

    This looks good. I really like the curves and flow of the design. One thing I will note though, is to be careful with the slats. Lines like that can sometime cause havoc on video cameras. You'll have to play with the distance between them to figure what looks good. It's like when a news anchor wears a striped shirt. It's terrible!

  2. Steven Hall says:


    In my personal opinion the curve is a little too structured. I would keep the curve but stagger the individual pieces to give it some randomization. I think that an African village would have a little less structured wall, but I have never been there and could be wrong. Great concept, might try some thatching too somewhere.


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