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Travis Carpenter from Northview Church in Carmel, IN brings us this floating, wall-less design.

They used their motorized batten system, lowered down their front battens, and attached a long section of PVC that has small black chain strung through it. The PVC was simply to give the chain some rigidity. Then, using a light white fabric, they carefully draped it over the PVC pipes, and down to the floor in several spots to create the illusion of pillars. All of the white fabric was lit with ETC Selador LEDs.

They purchased some lightweight window frames from a local craft store, and attached some stained glass window klings to the back. The windows were hung from the PVC pipe using fishing line. Each window was lit from the floor with a Source-4 fixture.

8 Bit Signals Candle Walls

One response to “Wall-less”

  1. Bill Pendleton says:

    Love the feel of the stage, and nickel creek cool.

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