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Wally’s Filling Station

Mike Gerrells from Harvest Church in Billings, MT brings us this gas station Gomer Pyle would be proud to work at.

The series was about giving fuel to their people so they can continue to run the race. So Mike went with the 60’s model gas station and used vintage gas station parts to add depth and visual interest. All the walls were plywood framing with brick print paneling (from Lowes) and trimmed out with MDF. The signs came from gas pump heaven and the pumps came from a reproduction house in NC. The pulpit was made from 2 steering wheels welded together. They are a multi-site church so he built a set for each church scaled down to fit each campus’s stage.







Hanging Panels Candles and Horizontals

2 responses to “Wally’s Filling Station”

  1. Johnathan Ness says:

    how often do you change your theme and is it sermon related?

    • Mike says:

      Usually we do a set change every 6 weeks. Our sets are mostly theme based but we do generic during summers and stand alone messages

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