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Samuel Supimpa from IBAJI – Batista Jardim das Indústrias in São José dos Campos, Brazil brings us these warm, low budget luminaries and pallet wall.

Their space was very limited, and they needed a space to interview people.

All the items were donated or recycled. And it was all made by people who had never done stage design before for $100.

Their stage was 16feet long and about 8 feet deep. They had 3 inflatable chairs (borrowed) and made 6 large string luminaries our of string, glue, and an inflatable round form inside.

They also made small luminaries to complete the look.





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8 responses to “Warmth”

  1. Steve Bonesz says:

    Very cool! Great example of how you can recycle something mundane and not very interesting and turn it into something hip and eclectic looking on a very small budget. Great use of available resources. Somebody had their creative thinking cap on!

  2. Laquita Hans says:

    How did you make the lights?

  3. Zebadiah Smith says:

    I’ve found those lights before. You can look up tutorials on line, but essentially you soak a hemp string in wood glue and wrap it around a beach ball or balloon til it dries. Then POP! you got a lamp shade

  4. David K says:

    Could you please show a pic of the pallets? I would like to see how you braced them.

    • Samuel Supimpa says:

      We’ve braced them with regular door hinges… 3 of them ;)
      It gave us a nice stability and mobility same time.

  5. Jason Isaacs says:

    We love this look…especially for the price. We are about to do this in our Children’s worship center. Here’s my question, would there be a way to get some kind of LED light in the “lamps” so we could change the color of the lamps from our DMX computer? Obviously a par can wouldn’t work. I’ve seen LED strips but I don’t think they are DMX controllable from our computer. I may be blowing the budget up for this project, but I was just curious.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  6. Vinicius says:

    Curti muito a cenografia…estou querendo fazer algo parecido naminha igreja…mas em medidas maiores

    Como voces uniram os pallets Verticalmente ??
    E o que usaram para apoialos no chão? construiram algum pézinho ou algo do tipo ??

    Parabéns pela idéia

    God Bless

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