Stage Designs

We Got Columns

Brian Asbury from Open Door Church in Edenton, NC brings us these cool Coroplast columns.

This design was constructed using LED fixtures, wood, Coroplast, and aluminum flashing.

From Brian: To create the pillars we made a frame using two 2x2x16 and five 20in long 2×4’s. After painting them black, we screwed them together to make a ladder-type frame (pictured). Once that was finished, we located studs and bolted the frame to the wall. At this point, I hung and connect all the LED lighting. This was done before adding the Coroplast and made the process much simpler. After the frame and fixtures were in place, we took 4×4 sheets of natural Coroplast (more transparent than white Coroplast) and screwed one end to the frame (pictured). FYI – you must make sure the seams of the Coroplast are horizontal and not vertical (pictured). If they are vertical, the Coroplast will fold and it will create an unwanted crease in the sheet. Once the first side of the Coroplast was screwed in, we bent the Coroplast and screwed in the opposite side. This created the semi-circle or pillar look. To finish off the pillars we covered the seams with aluminum flashing.

The center design was simply made with Coroplast (natural) and 2×4’s. We built the 4ft by 8ft frames with the 2×4’s but we excluded a bottom piece to the frame. This was to allow room for the LED fixture to shine up from the floor. We screwed Coroplast on the front of the frame and put black PVC strips on the seams to allow the wall to look like 3 divided sections.

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