Christmas Designs

We Tree Things

Duncan Campbell from New Braunfels Church of Christ in New Braunfels, TX brings us these Christmas trees that even feature projection mapping!
Seven sheets of 4’x’8 Coroplast were cut into 8 Christmas trees of various sizes. First, Duncan projected the tree shapes and outlined them in pencil, then cut them with an x-acto knife. HE scored and shaped the discarded portions into spacers to make the trees “float” off the wall. Extra portions were cut into snow banks to hide the cords and 8 par cans used to uplight green. They also used them to projection map visuals for a nativity reading later in December. Lights were borrowed from the youth ministry. Coroplast was $168 from a local sign shop. It took about 12 hours to complete.

He attached some Christmas lights to the back of the trees with packing tape, and plugged them into a dimmer for another lighting iteration.








Blocky Backdrop Multi-Pallet Christmas