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Steven Morris from Kearney eFree Church in Kearney, NE brings us this combination of weave and light beams.

This design was used over the Christmas season. They wanted something new and engaging for their Christmas season. Something they have also wanted was to create levels for the band. They budget was about $1000 on this project.

The main structure was a 8’x24′ platform for some of their band to be up on. They would change out who was up there along with the drums (Keys, guitars, etc). These were actually 3 8’x8′ platforms with 4×4 legs, then bolted together. They built these in mind that each platform could be reusable in the future. They then sheeted the sides with 1/4″ ply and drilled various size holes in it. Behind the ply, they had 4 LED pars, and 3 basic pars. Each of these were designed to shoot light through the holes and then with a hazer create interesting beams of light. (Side note, for one song they had 4 musicians who weren’t playing in that song sit behind and just move the LEDs around to create a really cool effect.)

On top of the platform, they rented (4) Studio Spot 575 CYM Zooms. This setup was for their college service and the Christmas concerts the Worship Arts team puts on each year. For their normal Sunday morning services, they built (3) simple Coroplast panels with the Coroplast alternating bent directions. They took the 4 LEDs from behind the riser and moved it to behind those, which were sitting right in front of the riser and lit them that way. Then the 3 normal lights still shot through the riser holes to create a dot pattern on the Coroplast.

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  1. Briana C. says:

    Great design! I am hoping to construct a similar piece for our church’s bottom platform using the coroplast weave design. Do you have any specifications on what you all used to construct the weaved coroplast? For example, what was used to support each piece of coroplast? Is the coroplst mounted to the rods? Etc. Thanks in advance!

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