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Wedding Stage Design

Angela Yee brings us this stage design for a wedding at a church.

From Angela: Last month I had the honor of doing a wedding stage design for the first time! My usual work is in churches, and I had the joy of meeting a delightful Christian couple that was having a wedding at their church.

A few days before the wedding, we went in and set up the design. It took a lot longer than I thought because the stage design is eleven feet high. I climbed countless times up and down the ladder. It took 10 hours to set up (I had some help from the pipe and drape company for a while in the beginning) and I did so much climbing and crouching that I saw sore for three days!

Once the uplighting was added, it looked magical!

I really loved how it looked with the lights down. During the wedding they had the lights up, but I took a picture with the lights down anyway because I thought it looked so cool. I love dramatic lighting!

LED Rain Inside Upside

One response to “Wedding Stage Design”

  1. Tomi says:

    Beautiful!!!! It really looks magical. Well done.

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