What is Coroplast?

A great use of Coroplast, Taste the Rainbow

If you’ve been exploring ChurchStageDesignIdeas.com for a while, you’ll see many designs use a material called Coroplast. But what is Coroplast, exactly?

Coroplast is a brand name for corrugated plastic. Just like Kleenex is a type of facial tissue, Coroplast is a type of corrugated plastic.

What is corrugated plastic?

Coroplast, or Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is simply the plastic equivalent of cardboard. It’s two sheets of plastic separated by another layer of zigzagged plastic. Coroplast, or corrugated plastic, is the same material real estate agents use for their yard signs. Sign companies/printers frequently used it for large signs. (You’ve seen the stuff around.)

What makes Coroplast so good for stage design?

Coroplast is lightweight, inexpensive, and fairly sturdy. Plus, it comes in various colors – including a translucent color that catches light wonderfully. Natural Coroplast, or clear corrugated plastic, is commonly used in stage design because the corrugation catches and reflects the light making the sheet seem to glow. You can back-light Natural Coroplast, whereas other colors need to be front-lit.

Where can I get Coroplast?

You’ll find Coroplast at sign stores, home improvement stores, and plastics manufacturers. You can check Coroplast.com‘s site for distributors of the name brand stuff. It usually comes in 4’x8’ sheets for anywhere between $10-20. It should be pretty easy to find sheets for $14.

Great stage designs that use Coroplast.

  • The Weave – Coroplast curved into a woven-looking structure.
  • Taste the Rainbow – A simpler version of the weave, with the corrugated plastic left unbent.
  • Radiant Squares – Square boxes that couple nicely with LED lights.
  • Squared Wings – Coroplast cut into different shapes that look like large mobiles.
  • Light Pillars – Corrugated plastic and tape form columns of light.
  • Destroyed Angel Wings – Small strips of Coroplast arranged to create a great textured backdrop.
  • 3D Coroplast – Using different colors of corrugated plastic for different looks.

So what will you make with this inexpensive and versatile material?