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Throwback: Squared Wings

Aaron Killingsworth and Cory Edwards from Central Christian Church in Henderson, NV brings us this stage design that wants to surround you. (Originally posted May 2013)

The driving idea behind their easter services was that our God is unstoppable. To help visually impart that idea they wanted to create a scenic and lighting design that had a lot of movement and energy. They accomplished this in a couple of ways.

The Coroplast squares gave them a way to saturate the stage with color, and they were suspended in such a way that they could move freely on their center axis creating a real life motion background of sorts.

For the paint treatment on the floor they used basic forced perspective techniques to create the illusion of extra depth on their stage. They also pulled elements from the Easter logo to create fronts for the drums and keys risers.

Everything else was done through the lighting design and the awesome work of their video team.





Floating Arcs Rocks and Lines

25 responses to “Throwback: Squared Wings”

  1. This set looks fantastic. I love how the lighting design can so easily change the mood of the room.

  2. Geoff McLarty says:

    This is legit! I’m curious as to the actual depth of stage? I know you used the forced perspective, but how deep is the actual stage?

  3. Ryan Spencer says:

    Great effect. Sweet lighting look.

  4. Aaron Killingsworth says:

    Thanks Ryan!

  5. Robert James says:

    Nice work bro. Love the set. :)

  6. Matt says:

    This stage looks amazing! What type of lights and light board do you use for your stage?

    • Cory Edwards says:

      Thanks Matt! For our Easter services I had VL2500 Spots and Washes, 3500 spots, Studio Colors, Mac Auras, Sharpys, and atomic 3000s. We ran everything off of a Hog Full Boar.

  7. Matt Gorey says:

    Hey Cory!
    What are the white accent rectangles on your stage? They look great. Thanks!

  8. Matthew Graham says:

    How did you all cut the coroplast, specifically the interior cut, and maintain such precision?

  9. Bill Pendleton says:

    Did the squares spin? If so how? I would love to get some motion out of our next stage design. We don’t have budget for movers. Have 2 robe color washes but no gobos etc. like to create motion but afraid of the wieght spinning etc.

  10. Israel Solomon says:

    Where do you get stuff like this to decorate your stage? What stores do you get them at?

  11. susan says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Can u tell me the approx. cost of getting the coroplast cut on a c&c machine? We have a big dreams and little pockets.

  12. susan says:

    Any chance you want to sell the coroplast squares? I’m sure you’ve come up with something way better : ) !!

  13. bethany says:

    We get our coloplast at the local lowes its an easy find

  14. Jeff says:

    Any chance I could get the template you used to cut your coroplast? Got a C&C machine waiting…

  15. Austin Whelan says:

    AMAZING! What is the size/aspect ratio of the projector screen? Great job!

  16. Heidi says:

    What did you use to hang the coroplast?

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  18. Secretaria do Estado da Cultura, p.6. 1993.

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