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Rocks and Lines

Caleb McCarthy from Apostolic Campgrounds in Millersport, Ohio brings us this clean design.

From Caleb: This year we as a team decided to keep last years stage set and to just add to it. We added white slats made out of 1 by 4’s from Lowe’s cut to 42” and painted flat white. Then we attached them to the already existing fake wall that was already there from the previous stage sets. We also used the same American DJ tri-par pulse lights from the years before. By using these lights we were able to have more control over the design of the lights. The great thing about this set is that we have used the same fake wall for 3 years now and the same set for 2 years. Now if this is your first time seeing this set, the other texture on the wall is silver window screen from Lowe’s. We crumpled up then stapled it to the fake back wall.

Processed with VSCO with j2 preset

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4 responses to “Rocks and Lines”

  1. Kent Coleman says:

    Love aluminum mesh. It’s such an incredible material to light and project on. Great clean design! Might incorporate some elements in ours. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Edwin says:

    Could you leave a link to what mesg you used?

  3. Edwin says:

    Could you leave a link to what mesh you used?

    • Brent says:

      This is not my church, but I’ve done a design like this before. The “mesh” is actually grey screen that you get from a hard ware store.

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