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Jeff Abbott from Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI brings us this the follow-up to The Weave.

From Jeff: We created this simple but dynamic set with basic materials: Coroplast, 1×2 construction lumber, and paint. A grid was constructed from 1×2’s with a 1/2″ deep by 3/4″ wide Dado cut down the center of the board. Panels were cut from Coroplast and then cut halfway through on the center line to create a bend point (the Coro Claw is essential in making this cut).

Once the panels were cut, the panels were painted 2 colors of grey, one darker than the other. When lit, this created a contrast on the panels to reinforce the woven feel of the set. The paint was sprayed on with a home paint sprayer. The panels were nailed to the grid in an alternating pattern. Light panels oriented vertically, the darker panels oriented horizontally.

Download the Sketchup file.

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7 responses to “Woven”

  1. Jordan says:

    Wow! This is excellent! Love it!

  2. Brandon Cook says:

    WOW look at all that work…great job guys!

  3. Steven Hall says:

    This looks so incredible! Jeff, you and your team blew it out of the water!!!! I hope someday I can be as cool as you!

  4. Nathan Whalen says:

    One of the coolest designs I have seen on here!

  5. Matt Irvine says:

    I love you guys. Thank you so much. We finished our implementation of this last night, and we are so pleased. We didn’t get great pics, but here is one:

    Y’all rock. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. Harry Engel says:

    Could you confirm the paint colors you used and type of paint? This design looks really cool and reflects your stage lights very well.

  7. Rocky Starland says:

    I’d like to talk to someone or meet with them for ideas for our church, First Baptist, South Haven, MI.

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