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Lightning Bugs or Fireflies?

Taylor Coon from Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Waldron, IN brings us this nice use of some simple LED string lights.

They were wanting to freshen up their stage. However, they were preparing for a stage remodel and were trying to retain resources.

They had these LED Patio Lights they got on sale at Costco! Them used them at Christmas to string over the congregation for their candlelight service! So in this design, they just hung them by tying them to the existing infrastructure they have.

Cost: They used 6 boxes of lights, costing around $60 each.

Woven Space Objects

3 responses to “Lightning Bugs or Fireflies?”

  1. Mark Manley says:

    Very elegant, clean look!!

  2. Robin Grigsby says:

    I really like this look. Do you guys have curtains hanging down and if so what color are they. .

    • Taylor Coon says:

      Yes! It was actually donated from another church. They called it a “psych”. It’s just a black curtain that is fire retardant. It definitely made our space feel much more modern!

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