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Steven Hall at Journey Church in Norman, OK brings us their latest stage design for their kids room.

From Steven: We wanted to create an amazing stage backdrop for our kids room. We decided on creating some awesome 3 dimensional pieces. We used a bunch of Mod Scenes Agon panels for our Easter set the year before, and decided to re-use these in a new way.

We used the Agon panels and Mod Scene 3 way corner connectors to make 30 6 sided cubes. We bolted 4 corner connectors to the first panel. After that we added panels around the edges and finally finished of the panel with a panel on top. We made sure to rotate each panel to get the cool random look on our stage. We used clear finishing line to hang these cubes. In retrospect, it would have been better to use tie line. The fishing line broke too easy.

As you can see in the photos we used 2 different layouts. Our original layout was very random. We changed our stage layout and created a 2nd version of this set which was a bit more symmetrical and planned out.

In both sets we used monoprice hex LED pars as down lights and Elation Opti Tri pars as side lights. We placed our side lights about 6′ downstage of the set (6′ from the backdrop).. This helped us get the really awesome contrasty look.

You can purchase the Mod Scenes Cube packs here:

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