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Most Popular (New) Stages – July 2018

Okay, so our monthly feature of the most popular stage designs has featured mostly the same 10 stage designs. That air filter one has been number one for like 2 years. In order to change things up and hopefully feature some different designs, I’m shooting for stages that were designed in the last couple of months. These are the most popular new designs on the site for this month.

  1. Rocks and Lines – 1,199 views
    Caleb McCarthy from Apostolic Campgrounds in Millersport, Ohio
  2. Reach Out – 1,113 views
    Chris Leigh from Jubilee Fellowship Church in Lone Tree, Colorado
  3. Folded Inward – 1,029 views
    Chris Monson from Faith Chapel in Billings, MT
  4. LED Sprinkles – 977 views
    Josh Bengen from Crossroads Church in Jersey Shore, PA
  5. Line of Rays – 920 views
    William Patrick from Epic Church in Decatur, AL
  6. Triangle Projection Screen – 655 views
    Steven Hall with ModScenes.com
  7. Bricks and Boxes – 582 views
    Dan Gomes and Pedro Medeiros from Igreja Oceânica in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  8. Triangle Pyramid – 558 views
    Austin Thomas from Real Life Church in Mechanicsville, Maryland
  9. A Secret Chord – 493 views
    Alex Hayes from Meadow Park Church in Columbus, Ohio
  10. Bubbled Walls – 414 views
    Jordan Christie and Luke Seager from Hillcrest Spanish Trail in Pensacola, FL

Great job, stage designers!

Rock Stage Woven

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